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Meet Stephanie and Marie Sue

As members of one of the most successful, dynamic and respected real estate teams on California’s Central Coast, we (Marie Sue Parsons and Stephanie Young) are much more than just mother-daughter Santa Barbara Realtors. We have received compliments for our warm relationships with our clients, ability to problem solve, willingness to listen and communicate with clients and the skill to pay close attention to every detail. We provide our clients with unrivaled representation in the Santa Barbara real estate market.

Getting To Know Stephanie and Marie Sue

Q:  Were you both born in Santa Barbara and did you grow-up there?

A:  Stephanie: Yes, I was born here in Santa Barbara.  I attended the local public school system until graduation, and then went on to attend UCSB. I grew-up in a real family-friendly Santa Barbara neighborhood, Mountain View, which I would love to move back to with my husband and child.  I think it would be great to raise my child in the same neighborhood I was raised in.

Marie Sue:  I was born in Southern California and moved to Santa Barbara to attend UCSB. After graduation I moved to Laguna Beach for a year, then returned to Santa Barbara.  I left for two years to teach English as a second language in Micronesia for the Peace Corps, but since then Santa Barbara has been my home for over 30 years.

Q:  What about the Mountain View neighborhood is appealing enough to make Stephanie want to move back to it?

A:  Stephanie:  Because I grew up there, I know the neighborhood and what makes it special.   I believe in the local school system and know that Mountain View is a safe and supportive community.  My mom and I are doing much of our business in that neighborhood and I am accessible to other moms, which has become a great marketing niche for me to develop.

Marie Sue: It’s a natural market for us to focus on because I wholeheartedly believed in it and its school. I still live there, and, as Stephanie mentioned, she and her husband are hoping to move back one day very soon.

Q:  How do your college degrees apply to your Santa Barbara real estate careers?

A:  Stephanie:  Having a Psychology degree has been very beneficial in this profession. Being involved in real estate, whether buying or selling a home, can be very stressful and emotional for our clients, but our helpful communication and problem-solving skills help us to make the process easier for them.  Also, in real estate, the ability to understand and relate to other agents, as well as clients, is critical and having a Psychology background is a benefit to build better relationships.  Psychology taught me to be a better listener and that is vital in real estate.

Marie Sue:   One thing I learned from teaching kids, relatable to selling Santa Barbara real estate, is that each situation is different and as a result I have to think about how to approach it in order to attain the absolutely best outcome for the individual (my client). In teaching, there are no two kids alike and in real estate, there are no two transactions alike. Another similarity to teaching is having open and effective communication while being able to listen and relate to the other person’s point of view. As Stephanie said, in real estate one does a lot of listening, and we make it a crucial part of our business practices.  

Q:  With other career backgrounds, what led you two to become Realtors?

A:  Stephanie:  (smiling)  I like to say I’ve been in it my entire life because mom got her license when she was pregnant with me. Even when I first started in the business, people would say, “Gee, it seems like you’ve been doing this forever.”

Marie Sue:  (chuckling)  At just two weeks old, Stephanie experienced her first open house.  Just lying on a blanket, she was a hit with potential clients even then!

Stephanie:    Seriously, my dad is a developer and also had his real estate license, so I grew-up in the “family business,” so to speak.  It was a natural transition for me to get involved in real estate after I graduated from college at UCSB.

Marie Sue:    After teaching for nine years, I was looking for something else to do.  My husband was a Realtor in commercial real estate and he suggested that I get my license.  He recommended I work with his commercial clients on their residential properties and without his suggestion, I probably wouldn't have tried it,  After I began, I found I enjoyed it so much that I’ve been doing it now for over 30 years.

Q:  If you were my Santa Barbara Realtor, what are your strengths, and what can you offer me?

A:  Stephanie:  As your Santa Barbara Realtor, I will truly listen to all your needs and concerns without being pushy.  However, when it is beneficial or necessary for you, I won’t be reluctant to voice my opinion based on my experience and expertise. Hard sell is not my style. I can honestly say I am very detail oriented, which means you can rest assured I’m going to leave no stone unturned in finding you the perfect home or helping you sell your property. I won’t waste your time on properties I know aren’t the “right fit.”  If you are selling, I will and can effectively market your property.  I feel that because I grew up here, I am knowledgeable and up-to-date on this market, such as what’s available, interest rates, market value, what’s selling nearby, etc…

Marie Sue:    I’m definitely a listener as well, and a problem solver. I don’t get bogged down in problems. I’m more interested in how to fix them. I pride myself in being really good at thinking outside the box.

Stephanie:    Absolutely! She’s always been known as an innovative thinker and that’s a big reason for her success as a Santa Barbara Realtor. She never gives up. It’s always, “What else can we try to make this work?”

Q:  If your colleagues were asked what your strengths are, what would they say?

A:  Stephanie:  That I am easy to work with and always interested in a win-win outcome.

Marie Sue:  Because of my positive “can-do” attitude, I’m delighted to be able to say other agents like to work with me. They know I’m most interested in getting the job done in everyone’s best interest. I think an important point as well is that both our clients and colleagues know we keep the communication lines open. And at least one, if not both of us, is always available.

Q:  What are your interests outside of Santa Barbara real estate?

A:  Stephanie:  Definitely my family. I’m a wife and a relatively new mom. I love doing anything athletic outdoors and traveling.  Just don’t make me get on an airplane!  I’d fly at night when I could sleep, but then I’d be afraid the pilot was also sleepy.  Of course, if my husband said, “Honey, let’s fly to Cabo,” I’d be on the plane in a flash.

Marie Sue:    I’m intensely interested in genealogy. I can spend hours on the computer doing research. I’m also a bit of a gardening fanatic.

Stephanie:    She comes over to visit and ends up in the backyard pulling weeds for an hour.

Q:  Are either of you involved with any Santa Barbara area organizations?

A: Stephanie:    I’m in the Santa Barbara Real Estate Professionals, whose membership is composed of the younger generation of agents.  Also, I am a member of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), and I volunteer with PEP (Postpartum Education for Parents).

Marie Sue:    I belong to the Santa Barbara Horticultural Society and local Orchid Society, I’m very involved with my church, and serve as Program Chairman for the Santa Barbara Genealogical Society.

Q:  What is it about Santa Barbara that keeps you both here?

A:  Stephanie:  Well, it’s the perfect size town.  I love that it’s small enough to know lots of people, yet it’s large enough to have an amazing amount of opportunities. You can enjoy cultural, recreational and educational activities literally on a daily basis. Of course, the mountains and ocean are fantastic as well, and the weather is perfect all year round.

Marie Sue:    For all the reasons Stephanie mentioned, and many more, Santa Barbara is a great place to live and raise a family.

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