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One of the communities that make up Santa Barbara County, CA is the unincorporated town of Isla Vista.  If you are searching for Isla Vista real estate, the prices of homes here are some of the highest in the United States.  The Isla Vista community is highly populated with college students because of nearby UC Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara City College.  There is even the Santa Barbara Student Housing Cooperative.  Not only do college students like Isla Vista, but all residents enjoy the direct ocean views some of the Isla Vista properties possess.  With a moderate climate and almost year-round warm days, Isla Vista real estate is a great place to start your home search. 

Amenities and Attractions for Isla Vista Real Estate Owners and Visitors

If you are relocating to or just looking for a new home in Isla Vista, there are plenty of things to do.  Isla Vista is a religious community and includes various study groups and seven religious establishments. There are local parks, which include Anisq’Oyo’ Park, Little Acorn Park, Pardall Gardens and Perfect Park. There are a variety of restaurants, coffee shops and the community has the Isla Vista Food Cooperative.   The local activities are great for all residents, which include:

• Surfing
• Sunbathing
• Soccer
• Fishing
• Outdoor festivals
• Bicycling
• Skateboarding
• Volleyball

And all residents and visitors can enjoy the annual Halloween festivals, Chilla Vista Festival, Earth Day Festival and many more.  Of all the attractions, Halloween is the largest crowd draw and can attract from 20,000 – 40,000 annually. 

Now is the Time to Make a Move to Isla Vista, CA

Searching for CA real estate in Isla Vista is always easier with the help of an experienced real estate agent.  Contact me, Stephanie Young, to help you locate the property for sale in Isla Vista to meet all your needs.  Whether you are a college student, just starting out or retiring, Isla Vista is a great place to search for real estate. Give me a click or call today and we’ll get started. 

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